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Speeze has received numerous awards and positive feedback from the press.
Below we've listed several awards we have gained for our current top product lines.
Feel free to click on one of the awards to view the complete test.

Frozen Mod


EE2709 BlackFin II
Ofcourse the BlackFin II can''t compete with the expensive aluminium cases, however we were very pleasantly supprised by the high quality finish of this product. Considering the quality and finish of this case and it''s extremely cheap price, it just takes your breath away!! Naturally we awarded this case with our Gold Medal....


EE-ATX-S600 RockeTeer VI
Overall Speeze has delivered a very decent product that will please a lot of potential buyers. The RockeTeer 600W comes highly recommended for all who are looking for a decent power supply at a very attractive price. And with all the features included with this product you can''t go wrong with it. If you are looking for a silent power supply then the Speeze RockeTeer series should be your shopping list. The RockeTeer 600W is a rocket product!


EE110-NEB GigaPod III
Our regular readers will know that this year we have done more than one review on external hard disk drives so no doubt you are wondering what makes this Speeze GigaPod III special. Clean simple lines and very light weight making it ideal for carrying from place to place to transport your data. The only noise this external enclosure makes is the sound your hard disk drives makes as there is no possibly noisy fan to annoy you so if you are looking for an 3.5 inch external hard disk drive enclosure this Speeze GigaPod III should be added to your list.



EE110-NEB GigaPod III
The Speeze GigaPod III is a great enclosure for anyone who is looking for a reliable way to transport there HDD. It offers good performance and makes a great alternative to the allready known ICYBox products.

Meet The Geeks


CopperSnake III and VultureSpin III
The fans are exceptional and I would like to see more companies adopt this style of spider fan. Price wise they are on the low budget end but don’t let that impede what you think of them. It’s a good product with a lot of potential and would give years of valuable service. They are silent too so are perfect for offices, schools, home and replacements.

Planet AMD64


Round-up on Speeze modding products
The products Speeze provided us with to test were of high quality and looked good; we have no problem recommending them to a case modder. The products that were reviewed are: Case Cooling Green UV Fan - CF402-GR Case Cooling Green LED Fan - EE-LEDFAN-GREEN Neon Reactive Exhauster - CF401-GR Green 300mm cold cathode light bar - EE-NEONBAR-GREEN Ultra Violet 300mm cold cathode light bar - EE-UVBAR Sound Proofing pads - EE-SOUNDPAD-01


CF300-NEB PacificBreeze
The SpeezePacific breeze is a great little cooler, so many things could have gone wrong in the design of the unit such as: loud fans, heavy components and requiring additional external power. Credit must go to Speeze though as none of these are issues. There are two additional benefits to using the system, the first is that if your laptop fans are not the quietest models they are less likely to turn on due to the additional air circulation keeping the chassis cooler. Finally as we mentioned above your laptop will sit on a slope, in our opinion this is a great feature as it results in a more comfortable typing position, more similar to a normal keyboard, a benefit so good that the Pacificbreeze is worth buying for this alone.


EE507B7 ChillMax
Overall we were impressed by the Speeze Chillmax. At all times we were hard pushed to hear it operate at all in our test system! This is a great achievement by Speeze. Add to the great performance the fact that the unit looks rather nice and you have a product which we highly recommend.



EE507B7 ChillMax
Despite the compact size of the Speeze EE507B7 ChillMax™, the cooling performance can still be very convinceing. Under full load we achieved a maximum temperature of 56,5 degrees celsius while maintaining a maximum sound level of only 22dBA!!



EE475B13 CopperSnake III
The Coppersnake III does fairly well as it is made to be a silent solution and does the job without any worry anything is going to fry.


I''m surprised to see a solution that''s relitavely cheap and yet it includes so many details and a good performance. All this in addition to a very low noise level at 19dBA, which lies below the atmospheric noise level (24dBA).


The VultureSpin III does what its made to do, at a very low noise level. It can cover all CPUs in the K7 range with out a sweat!



LeopardStream IV
CeBIT 2005: CPUs, Coolers and Power Supplies Worth More Than a Second Look. Speeze drew attention with its CPU cooler core line.

Computing on Demand


EE475B13 CopperSnake III
This a good heatsink for those of us who are seeking a quiet solution.

A1 Electronics


EEA67B4 VultureSpin III
The Speeze EEA67B4 fan is very low power and makes virtually no noise at all. But none-the-less it is holding its own and cooling down to 31 degrees Celsius on our test rig which is still impressive.

Hardware Houds


EE475B13 CopperSnake III
All things considered, if you are looking for a new heatsink to help keep your temperatures down, this is a very good choice. Not to mention the fact that it is one of the nicest looking HSF’s i’ve seen in quite a while.

A1 Electronics


EE475B13 CopperSnake II
If you are looking for a very quiet and compact air cooled light weight Intel Pentium 4 heatsink then you will have to look a long way to better this Speeze EE475B13 especially for low power Intel Pentium 4 processors.

A1 Electronics


EE507B7 ChillMax
If you are looking for a very quiet and compact air cooled heatsink with decent cooling performance then you will have to look a long way to better this Speeze EE507B7!!


The Speeze CF200-NEB is very easy to install due to it''s “fast connectors”, overall the Speeze external water cooler performed very efficient and most importantly silent. We''ve rewarded the Speeze AtlanticWave with the Tweak Award.



EEA67B4 VultureSpin III
Great manufacturing quality, low power consumption and a very low operating volume. These are the three points that make the VultureSpin III what it is.



We have to hand it to Speeze with this AtlanticWave for making a really super water cooled heatsink system that is stylish, compact design and yet has the potential to make a really incredible cooling system for your AMD or Intel processor which will last for a great many years to come.


One thing is certain - the first experience of Speeze in creation of water-cooling system was successful. The AtlanticWave became simple in installation, compact and easy to use. Everything tells us about a good designer’s idea and its excellent realization. An aluminum case, unique design, bright indication and digital control, that allows us to set the speed of fans with a high precision. Atlantic Wave gives us an ideal balance between a performance and a noise level. And of course it will make happy computer enthusiasts and overclockers.



VultureSpin II
The VultureSpin II belongs to the entry level coolers from the Speeze line, it is one of the most affordable coolers on the German market. The heatsink is made out of aluminum and to improve the heat dissipation between processor and cooler Speeze inserted a copper core into the base of the heatsink.

Dinox PC


EE446B14-F CopperSnake II
If when making a choice for purchasing a new CPU cooler, you must think of the costs, then we believe nothing is better then the Speeze Coppersnake 2: It''s a little noisy and a little expensive but optimal performance is guaranteed!.



EE446B14-F CopperSnake II
For an air cooled heatsink that is not massive and not too heavy this level of cooling is impressive. It even comes in a dynamic colour to brighten up the inside of your computer case. We can only say well done to Speeze on this Intel Pentium 4 CopperSnake II heatsink.



The OwlStream is very quiet. At 15€ it is a good price for replacing your stock cooler.

PC Games Hardware


EEA10B4 VultureSpin
The Vulture Spin is a very good silent cooler for all Socket A processors, but not really good for overclocking. In A 3200 + System the cooler is almost noiseless !!



EEA31B2 CopperEagle™
The Speeze CoperEagle looks really good, users that are looking for a good and affordable P4 cooler will be very satisfied with this product. (France)


EE427B0 ThunderCombi, EE426B5 TigerClaw & EE429B0 CopperSnake
3 very good CPU coolers. The CopperSnake wins this test as it's made of copper and has a more quiet fan. The ThunderCombi and TigerClaw are also very good as they are "entry level" priced coolers. They start at around 16 euros which makes them both nearly unbeatable.

eXtreme Reviews


EE-HD02 FrontCoolNess
The performance of the Speeze EE-HD02 Frontcoolness hard drive cooler was very impressive. Not only did it cool the hard drive extremely well, but it did so without making any noticeable noise. It has a nice appearance and is a great addition to any case.

OC Mods (Norway)


EEA30B0 LightOwl
We're able say that Speeze is living up to it's slogan, "Running Computers Cool & Quiet". This Cooler has all you wish for. It's easy to install, Good Design and a Moderate sound.


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